Powder Coater

The powder coating machine is designed for coating cables, hoses and profiles up to a max. diameter of 150 mm and line speeds up to 1,500 m/min. One or more 100 kV powder guns charge electrostatically the powder and ensure safe adhesion of the powder on the product. Our patented powder recirculation system guarantees a 100% free-dust environment around in the powdering machine. In a powder chamber up to 4 powder guns can be installed.

With the optional fine dosing unit smallest amount of powder can be applied to the product.
A free-standing powder chamber with a width of just 240 mm is offered for confined working conditions in the extrusion line. A quick tool-free height adjustment to the extrusion center line can be provided.

While production the worker is able to refill the powder coater dust-free. The optionally available separate refill container has a volume of 90 liters and allows automatic refilling of the powder coater.

The powder coater can also be used for graphite application in conjunction with a special polishing station.

Technical Data of the Powder Coaters Series (Abstract)

PC-30 EPC-30/2E EPC-60/2E
Max. dimension of the product 30 mm 30 mm 60 mm
Max. production speed 1.500 m/min
Min. powder capacity 30 g/min by one fine dosing unit
Max. powder capacity 400 g/min per powder injector
Electrostatic X X
Option fine dosing unit X
Power 0,7 kW
Consumption of pressed air 200 l/min base consumption
125 l/min per powder injector
Dimension (L x H x W) 850 x 1800 x 1450 mm
Weight 360 kg
Option: User administration X
Option: Recipe administration X
Option: Integration in a higher-level line control X

Machine characteristics:

  • Machine housing designed as robust sheet steel welded construction, powder coated
  • Powder gun with corona charging up to 100 kV
  • Product speed up to 1,500 m/ min
  • 100 % dust free in the machine environment


90 ltr. Refill trolley
Powder flow monitoring
Free-standing coating chamber, e.g. 240 mm wide
fine dosing
compressed air dryer
Line integration with external control of electrostatics and pneumatic conveyance