Orbital Cutter

The Orbital Cutter is designed to cut rotationally symmetric, rigid products made of rubber compounds or plastic compounds without swarf and deformation. For cutting, the entire cutting unit is synchronized to the production speed by its own servo drive. For cutting, the blades perform a circular motion from a preset outer diameter to a preset inner diameter. With this cutting concept, no radial forces act to the product, so that there are no deformations. After finishing the cutting process, the cutting unit moves back to its starting position.

The rotational speed of the blades, the outside diameter, the inside diameter and the necessary cutting motion of the blades can be changed during the cutting process on the operating panel, without having to interrupt the production process.

Technical Data for the Orbital Cutters

OC-40 V3 OC-65 V3
Max. dimension of the product Ø 39 mm Ø 64 mm
Max. rounds of the knives 1000 1/min
Cutting length 50 – 10000 mm
Solution of the cutting length 0,1 mm
Cutting frequency (depending on the cutting length and the production speed) 90 cuts/min 70 cuts/min
Radial motion of the blades ca. 10 mm
Operation of the knives Pneumatisch/elektrisch
Dimensions (L x H x W) 2050 x 1550 x 625 mm 2450 x 1520 x 810 mm
Power 3,5 kW
Cutting motor Servo-Antrieb
Option: User administration X
Option: Integration in a higher-level line control X