The Rotation Cutter RC

The Rotary Cutter RC is designed for the precise cutting of hoses and profiles made of rubber or plastic up to a maximum diameter of 100 mm and at line speeds of up to 300 m/min. A clean cut quality and minimized length tolerances characterize our rotary cutter.

Maschinenbau Bardowick GmbH (formerly DCM Maschinenbau GmbH Lüneburg) has been a leading manufacturer in the field of extrusion downstream equipment for decades. Customer-specific special solutions are developed and implemented by us.

The advantages of the Rotation Cutter RC

  • Optimized cutting length tolerances through specially developed cam profile application
  • Servo controller of the latest generation
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • High effectiveness with simple operation

The Rotation Cutter RC at a glance

A cut-to-length system with the highest quality

The rotary cut-to-length RC machine meets your high quality requirements in many aspects.

In combination with our caterpillar BP, a commissioning unit or a winder, you receive a complete system from one source.

Overview of the Features

By means of the cam profile application developed in our company, the motion profile of the cutting knife is continuously calculated and adjusted to the product speed,

The optimal cutting speed for the product can be selected independently of the product speed.

Blades can be changed quickly and safely.

The base frame is a robust, powder-coated welded construction manufactured in-house.


Many Individual Extensions

We adapt each rotary cutting system to your individual process engineering requirements. Possible options are e.g:

  • Wet-cut design by means of dosable drops or spray lubrication to prevent product build-up on the blade
  • Individual adaptation of the cutting bushes according to the product profile
  • Use of various blade systems, perfectly suited to the application
  • Integration of the cut-to-length machine into a higher-level line control system with all common industrial bus systems
  • There is a wealth of experience in FDA-compliant design for the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector.
  • The following order picking or conveyor systems tailored to your specific demands

Technical data of the Rotation Cutter RC (extract)

RC-15 RC-40 RC-80 RC-100
Max. dimension of the product Ø 15 mm Ø 39 mm Ø 79 mm Ø 99 mm
Max. cutting frequency by one knife 3.200 1/min
Solution of the cutting length 0,1 mm
Motor Servo direct drive
Power 0,9 kW 3,2 kW 5 kW 7 kW
Dimension (L x H x B) 760 x 1600 x 850 mm 680 x 1500 x 750 mm 1400 x 1480 x 810 mm 1400 x 1480 x 810 mm
Weight ca. 300 kg
Option: User administration X
Option: Recipe administration X
Option: Integration in a higher-level line control X

All machines from Maschinenbau Bardowick GmbH comply with the EC Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC).

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Request your new rotation cutter RC now!

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