Belt Puller

The belt pullers are designed to pull cables, pipes and profiles homogenously without any deformation.

A servo motor drives the lower belt. The upper belt is moveable by manual or electrical adjustments to the requested gab between the two belts. Two motors are able to be installed for higher pulling forces. The servo motors controlled by digital controllers are able to run at a speed of 250 m/min.
The upper belt is pneumatically liftable for a faster operation.

According to the requirements the belt puller is designed with contact lengths of 250 mm, 600 mm and 1000 mm.

Different materials of belts are foreseen for a gentle and homogenously transport.
All process data are changeable on the operator panel while operating.

Optionally, the upper belt can be lowered to the product under pressure load.

To integrate the belt puller into a higher-level line control, a wide variety of communication modules is available. The communication can be either digital / analogue or via bus systems.

Technical data of the belt puller

BP-250 BP-600 BP-1000
Contact lengths ca. 250 mm ca. 600 mm ca. 1000 mm
Width of the belt 50 mm 50/100 mm 100 mm
Pulling force (depending on the max. production speed) 250 N (1 Motor) 400 N (1 Motor),
800 N (2 Motors)

1000 N (2 Motors)
Max. production speed 100 m/min 100/250 m/min 250 m/min
Motor Servomotor
Power supply 0,37 kW 1,5 kW 2,2 kW
Dimension (L x H x W) 570 x 1340 x 400 mm 1250 x 1400 x 600 mm 1250 x 1500 x 650 mm
Weight ca. 100 kg ca. 280 kg ca. 770 kg
Option: User administration X
Option: Recipe administration X
Option: Integration in a higher-level line control X

Machine properties:

  • Robust, torsion-resistant machine frame, welded construction, powder-coated
  • One or two servo motors with digital drive controllers
  • Uniform and non-slip transport of the product
  • Constant and uniform transport speed up to 250 m/min
  • Pneumatic quick opening of the tracks
  • Easy and quick change of transport belts without the use of tools

Optional: manual or electric gap adjustment
Optional: drive of the upper belt by servo drive
Optional: design in stainless steel or FDA compliant, etc.

Optional: can be integrated into a line control by means of various communication modules