Combi Cutter

The Combi Cutter bases on the well-known belt puller and the rotation cutter from our machine series MB Cutter.

In the belt puller the servo-motor with digital drive controller guarantees a high precise and constant production speed. The speed signal is internally used for the rotation cutter. The gap adjustment works either manually or electrically. A pneumatically fast opening system supports the worker for an easier handling of the product.

The downstream rotation cutter works with an electronic cam application. Based on the production speed, the selected cutting speed and the nominal length, an optimized motion profile of the cutting blade is continuously calculated so that the product can be cut vertically and cleanly between two product guide bushes with the max performance. This cam application combines the advantages of start/stop operation with the continuously operation. This application ensures optimized length precision. All process-related parameters can be changed during operation on the control panel.

The cutting unit is moveable app. 200 mm on guiling rails. The cutting sleeves could be changed easily.
The rotation cutter is equipped by different knives systems. Therefore, it will be able to cut perfectly small, thin-walled products as well as full rod products.

Beside the standard version, the combi cutter could be designed in a stainless-steel version or FDA conform.
Die Kombi-Schneidanlage kann u.a. in Edelstahl oder auch FDA-konform gefertigt werden.

Optionally, a dosing drop or spray lubrication is available, which reduce the product adherence to the blade. The cutting quality is considerably improved in this corresponding cutting application.

Optionally, the comb cutter is able to work in positioning mode. In this operating mode, the cut takes place at standstill of the product.

Technical data of the Combi Cutter

CC-250/40 CC-600/40 CC-600/80
Contact lengths 250 mm 600 mm
Max. dimension of the product Ø 39 mm Ø 79 mm
Width of the belt 50 mm 100 mm
Pulling force (depending on the max. production speed) 250 N 400 N (1 motor),
800 N (2 motors)
Max. production speed 100 m/min 250 m/min
Max. cutting frequency by one knife 3.200 1/min
Solution of the cutting length 0,1 mm
Transport- and cutting motor Servo-motors
Power 3,2 kW 3,5 kW 4,8 kW
Dimension (L x H x B) 1250 x 1420 x 650 mm 1900 x 1650 x 960 mm
Weight ca. 210 kg ca. 580 kg
Option: User administration X
Option: Recipe administration X
Option: Integration in a higher-level line control X